Wagon Circus Cage Cover

The Best Show on EarthHave you heard the news? The circus is in town! Everyone can hardly wait to see the acrobats contort themselves into impossible positions, to marvel at the tightrope walkers dance high above the ground, and to laugh at the clowns as they squeeze themselves into tiny cars. All these acts are going to be great, but the one everone is most excited for is definitely the wild animals! When the tamers poke their heads into the dripping, fanged lions’ mouths, you can hear a pin drop in the Big Top. This year’s animal act is rumored to be the most dangerous yet – in fact, there are whispers that they had to build a special cage to house the ferocious beasts!  

Product Details
 Your wild animals will love this whimsical Circus Cage Wagon Cover! Able to fit most standard wagons, the cloth cover wraps around the sides and features gold scrollwork, a white sign proclaiming “Circus,” and  silvery bars to keep the monkey business inside!  Come One, Come AllYour family can step into the spotlight this Halloween with a fun costume accessory like this one. Embrace your role and consider dressing as a ringmaster!  

Brand: Seeing Red

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Red & White

Material: Polyblend


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Wagon Circus Cage Cover

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