Vissago Kid’s Costume with Mask

Those Creepy KidsTykes have a way of blending sweet and scary. It’s actually pretty impressive. They can flash you a smile that both makes your heart melt and also makes your spine tingle. What are they planning! ? Sure, it’s super cute to hear them talking to themselves in their room while they are playing pretend. But when it sounds like they are having actual conversations with the shadows in the closet…? Talk about making your own nightmares come to life! So, when your kiddos said that they wanted to be a clown for Halloween, you had to take a deep breath and consider. Do they mean an adorable circus clown that will tell a few jokes and spray themselves with a squirting flower? Or did they end up sneaking downstairs to watch an episode of the latest scary streaming series and learn about the killer clown that has a smile filled with terrifying teeth?

Design & Details
 All right. Let’s be honest. Clearly, they want to go the way of the scary clown. That’s why this Vissago Clown costume featuring our Immortal Masks accessory is the perfect way to go! This costume includes an orange jumpsuit with bright fuzzy pompoms on the front. And… are those prisoner numbers on the chest? (Yes. You’re absolutely correct! ) Add in some fingerless gloves and the black and white striped sleeves and this clowning around is getting spooky. Of course, the costume really hits the prestigious stage when you add in the detailed latex mask. It is painted to the nines to create large eyes, a wrinkled face, and more teeth than anyone can count!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & Green & Orange

Material: Polyester


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Vissago Kid’s Costume with Mask

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