Vintage Clown Girl’s Costume

Dazzle and DelightBack when circuses first set up their striped tents and played their enchantingly happy tunes, clowns were always welcomed with wonder and excitement! But then after a few horror moviesn (not to name any names), the nice clowns had an uphill battle to fight against the creepy ones. No problem, though: Any clown worthy of her starring role has no problem winning over the crowd with her silly antics, her juggling skills, and her commitment to making people smile!  

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Get ready to hear wild applause when you wear your Vintage Clown Costume for Girls! The polyester pullover shirt is printed with blue and red stripes and sewn with pleated white organdy at the neckline and sleeves. The blue vest is trimmed with gold and red braid. The polka-dotted pants have gently puffed lower legs and are also decorated with red braid. Once you slip on the cone-shaped, striped hat, you’re ready to start your act!  The Greatest Show in the WorldAre you fed up with math problems and eating your vegetables? You could always join the circus! Just think of the thrills: Every night, you’d be performing in a different city. You’d ride a unicycle around a ring, juggle flaming torches, and be shot out of a cannon above a circle of roaring lions. Actually, that sounds like a lot of work. What if you just dressed as a clown for Halloween or for a carnival instead? You’d get all the fun of being a circus performer without getting saddled with the job of shoveling out the animal pens all the time. 

Brand: Seeing Red

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Pink & Blue & Red

Material: Polyester


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Vintage Clown Girl’s Costume

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