Velociraptor Child Costume

Quick and DeadlyRacing through the underbrush, you spot your prey scrambling just ahead. These dodos are no match for your sheer speed, intelligence, and dexterity! You leap over the final hedge and land just behind its tail feathers, your snapping maw inches away from its fleeing form.You both know this can only end one way. That little chicken will be a great feast for you and your clutch back at the nest! Then you see there is a bright light in the sky¦ a meteor! That is a sign of good fortune if ever you saw one!

Design & Details
Alright, so maybe things didn’t end so perfectly for the dinos of the past, but that sign of good fortune is still shining for the kids of this contemporary age. Today, your hunt has provided this Kid’s Velociraptor Costume, a Made By Us costume that our in-house design team is excited to offer to your own nest! This dinosaur costume jumpsuit is printed to look like your tyke is scaley from head to toe, sporting a colorization befitting the jungle hunter. Fiberfill stuffing in the tail and the boot covers give their sleek hunt some serious style and the attached mitts offer a pair of claws when they aren’t snacking on their treats. The hood features raptor designs including a piercing eye and rows of felt teeth along the open mouth where a kiddo can look through.Time for a HuntOnce your kiddo is decked out in this Raptor Dinosaur costume, they’ll be ready to explore the urban jungle for any treasures they might find. Whether hunting down a tote of Halloween candy or if they’re looking for the oohs and ahhs of their adoring, dino-loving friends, they’re sure to prove that this raptor rascal will always bring home the win!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Gray & Orange

Material: Polyester


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Velociraptor Child Costume

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