Valley Girl 80s Costume for Girls

Like, For Sure!  Your girl loves bright colors, mixing prints, bold style, and throwing more than the occasional “like” into her sentences. She’s also totally taken with the music and movies of the 80s. And as we hear it, she doesn’t mind a good shopping spree, either! No, we’re not calling her a valley girl, per se…but you must admit, this Valley Girl 80s Costume sounds like a fun and festive way for her to like, rule  Halloween this year.  Bright as can be and full of signature 80s flair, this exclusive costume helps bring out the diva in your kiddo (at least temporarily! ). She can have a great time, like, mastering her upspeak and feeling like a total Betty. What else makes this costume cool for your kid? Like, the fact that she’ll be the only one wearing it, which is lucky, because imposters are grody. Unless she chooses to coordinate with a posse of like-minded gals to gallivant around the neighborhood and like, totally stock up on candy. Then that’s way cool!

Design & Details
 While some people may see contrasting colors as like, overwhelming, we know they’re the bomb! Our costume studio knows that mixing colors and prints was (and still is! ) totally fresh, especially in a neon palette that screams 80s, like this one! This costume comes with the too-cute yellow top that says “Whatever,” as well as the hot pink skirt,  green tiger leggings, and a hair scrunchie. There is no end to how your gal can accessorize this costume. May we suggest bangles, baubles, leg warmers, and sunnies?Chill PillBeware”she may be so excited to turn herself into a Valley Girl this Halloween that she may totally bug out! Just calm her down, remind her that this costume is well made to last, so she can wear it as often as it suits her! It’d be perfect for a trip to the Galleria next week.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: XL

Color: Pink & Green & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Valley Girl 80s Costume for Girls

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