UP Classic Russell Boys Costume

Adventure is Out There! Most people would say they enjoy having adventures. The thirst for adventure has been instrumental in pushing mankind forward ever since we began. But when it comes time to take that first big step and climb onto the house that’s being lifted off the ground by a hundred balloons, most of us falter. We worry about how we’ll make enough money to pay our bills while traveling across continents. We wonder about how our retirement fund will fare if we’re spending all our time chasing after a mythical blue bird that might not even exist. And we worry about what will happen if we find our dream location and discover that someone else is already there, some crazy old guy with an army of trained and talking dogs at his disposal. (These are very specific fears, we admit.)But you are far more brave than we are! You are ready to put on your Scout uniform, take a deep breath, and step up onto those steps before they float away from you. You are a true adventurer!

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Dress up like the most intrepid little adventurer ever to travel by hot air balloons in this Boys UP Classic Russell Costume. The officially licensed costume comes with a jumpsuit, neckerchief, hat and badge. The jumpsuit is made of 100 percent polyester and looks just like the one Russell wore in his movie, from the yellow shirt section to the tan khaki shorts (and belt embellishment! ). The jumpsuit fastens at the back with a hook-and-loop closure. Meanwhile, the tan hat has a wilderness decal at the front and adjustable straps, while the orange neckerchief attaches at the front with a wilderness broach. There’s also a detachable grape soda badge to proudly pin on after your latest adventure. (You’ll have to bring your own chocolate bars, though! )Aim HighWhether you’re traveling by hot air balloon, train, ship or any other way, we know you’re always up for an adventure, and this is exactly the outfit you need for your latest big quest!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Male

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Yellow & Orange

Material: Polyester


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UP Classic Russell Boys Costume

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