Unisex Cookie Monster Sesame Street Faux Fur Costume Hoodie

Where ‘Dem Cookies At?

Your little one and Cookie Monster have a lot in common. They both get a little bug-eyed when they spot a plate full of chocolate chip cookies. They both gobble up each cookie like it’s the last one on the planet. And, of course, they’re both covered in a light layer of fluffy blue fur! Wait, you mean your child doesn’t have a coat of fluffy blue fur? Well… no worries! With this Cookie Monster Sesame Street Costume Hoodie, your little one can look just like their favorite blue monster and they’ll be ready to seek out new cookies in no time!

Product Details
This officially licensed hoodie is a cozy way for your little one to dress up like Cookie Monster! The hoodie is made out of a blue, faux fur material that mimics the look of Cookie Monster’s fur from Sesame Street. It’s a simple zip-style hoodie, so you can wriggle your little one into this adorable hoodie with ease. Of course, the best part about this hoodie has to be the hood, which has a pair of muppet-style eyes attached to the top of it. Just flip it up and your little one will transform into the one and only Cookie Monster!

Brand: Freeze

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Blue

Material: Faux Fur


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Unisex Cookie Monster Sesame Street Faux Fur Costume Hoodie

Catalog: FZITSD089-4V09-2T Categories , , , Tags , , , ,