Twizzlers Buntingon for Infants

Sweetest Travel BuddyEvery time you prepped for a road trip growing up, you and your family would buy bags of Twizzlers. In your opinion, they are the ultimate snack for hours-long journeys through flat fields and from one rest stop and the next. They were easy to share and even easier to nibble between meals. And if you wound up polishing off a bag by yourself, you never felt too guilty. If anyone were to ask, youd probably rank Twizzlers as the #1 road trip companion. Or you would have until your baby became your constant travel buddy. Its an excellent change. After all, your baby is just about as sweet as a bag of Twizzlers. They may even be sweeter considering your baby interacts with you on rides and Twizzlers never has. It sounds like it might be time to give your baby the honor of road trip favorite. Get your little sweetie dressing the part in this Twizzlers Infant Twizzlers Bunting.

Product Details
Whether youre taking them on their first cross-country trip or trick-or-treating on Halloween this officially licensed infants costume will have your baby ready for their next adventure! Getting your baby dressed and changed is made easy with hook and loop fastener strips along the bottom. To keep your baby comfortable while they live the sweet life as Twizzlers, openings for their arms are placed toward the top of the bunting. The cozy costume is designed to look just like your favorite sweet treat. A zig-zag hemline and collar imitate the crimped edge of Twizzlers packaging while the familiar labeling and licorice snack are printed into the polyester costume.Memories to ShareYour baby may be too young for candy just yet, but that doesnt mean they cant enjoy the fun of Twizzlers. With this Twizzlers Infant Twizzlers Bunting, you can wrap your baby in the sweet memories of snacking on the fruity treat through movies and road trips alike while creating new memories together!

Brand: Morris Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 9mo

Color: Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Twizzlers Buntingon for Infants

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