Tween Stranger Things Classic Video Stop Robin S4 Costume

Truly TerrifyingIf you’ve ever worked a customer service job, then you know how challenging it can be. Sure, at first, organizing videos, scooping ice cream, or running a cash register might seem like they make for an easy day at work. But you would have rather faced down a Demogorgon than another crabby customer looking for a movie or flavor that you simply didn’t have! In fact, if you had heard that the Russians were building a secret base below your city, your first thought probably would have been to wonder whether they could find someone to pick up your shift next weekend. Get your almost-teenager ready for the truly terrifying parts of life with a uniform costume from their favorite show!
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Your kid will be ready for their first job with this Video Stop Robin Costume! It’s styled after the popular Netflix original show, Stranger Things, and will help your tween look like they work at a video store from a bygone era. As is the case with many other uniforms, they’ll have to provide their own pants, but we’re sure that they’ll have something in their closet that’s much more comfortable than whatever the store would provide! The costume shirt combines a jacket with an attached green vest, which is printed with the Video Stop logo and includes an orange name tag on the other side. The detachable tie and patterned long sleeves really add Robin’s unique style to a less-unique corporate uniform.Even Stranger ThingsGet your whole group in on the fun with our selection of Stranger Things costumes for kids, adults, and teens! Grab a Steve costume for your best friend or add more of the crew to the group if you need to defeat a monster from another dimension. After all, it’s usually at least a three-person job!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls


Color: Blue & Green & Gray

Material: Polyester

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Tween Stranger Things Classic Video Stop Robin S4 Costume

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