Tween Stranger Things Classic Pink Dress Eleven Costume

A Strange DisguiseGenerally when you need to skulk around and hide who you are, a devious disguise is necessary. Maybe you’re looking at a full mask that hides your whole face. Perhaps you need a tricky Halloween costume that transforms you into anything from a well-recognized President to a beloved Hollywood hero. The thing about some of those outfits is that it probably draws more attention than makes you blend right in! Like the ninja of your favorite board games, a true stealthy someone wears what everyone else will and can walk unseen among the masses. That was the thinking beyond the adorable disguise that Eleven sports while exploring Stranger Things in Season One. Now, perhaps you don’t need to go quite to the same lengths to keep your psychic powers hidden from the Bad Men. But, if you love the Netflix show, you might also love heading out while sporting Eleven’s pink dress disguise!

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Transform into Stranger Things style with this officially licensed Classic Pink Dress Eleven costume. This simple garb has more than meets the eye thanks to its simple structure and easy transformation. The slip-on dress has a white collar and long puffy sleeves. It fastens with a zipper in the back for a secure fit and gives just enough of a twirl factor in the skirt that anyone will feel just a bit more powerful when they take a spin around the Upside Down. Naturally, this is a look based on a story set in the ’80s, so we can’t ignore a bit of period-appropriate accessorizing. We’ve included the knee-high striped socks, too. We’re not saying they’ll give you Eleven’s superpowers, but they’ll sure make any Demogorgon think twice about entering a foot race with you! Add one of our blonde wigs to complete your outfit and you’ll be ready to take part in any Stranger Things scene.

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: 12-Oct

Color: Green & Pink & White

Material: Polyester


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Tween Stranger Things Classic Pink Dress Eleven Costume

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