Tutu Cat Toddler Costume

Fashion Feline If the animal world had a fashionista, it would definitely be the cat. The dog loves to roll in mud and stinky things, so it’s automatically out, but the cat will groom itself from head to toe and demand lots of admiration for its gorgeous appearance. If your little one loves to come up with exciting outfits and enjoys giving her family members makeovers, her spirit animal is probably a cat. 

Product Details
Your kitty-loving toddler will feel like the cat’s meow when she wears this exclusive Tutu Cat Costume for Toddlers! The jumpsuit made of soft black faux fur and its attached mitts have appliqued paw pads on the palms. The matching shoe covers secure under each foot with elastic bands. The toes are tipped with felt “claws.” A polka-dotted pink tutu made of tulle and brushed flannel is sewn all the way around the waistline, and a faux fur tail is sewn to the suit’s seat. The attached hood sports a soft-sculpted muzzle, ears, embroidered eyes and a pink bow. It’s the Cat Life We’d like to tell you that your toddler will nap as much as a cat does while she’s wearing this costume, but that’s highly unlikely. What we can tell you is that the outfit is utter purr-fection for occasions such as Halloween and costume parties. It’s even a fantastic choice for imaginative play, because who wouldn’t want to dress up as an adorable kitty and have adventures? Your cat will probably remind you that she still prefers chicken nuggets to tuna chunks and cat kibble. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Black & Pink

Material: Polyester


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Tutu Cat Toddler Costume

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