Turbo Racer Costume

What could the world be like for you if your child valued speed over say…just about anything else? Imagine how fast he would put on his shoes for school or finish his one page of homework (ahhh the good ole’ days)?If one can sleep with a chemistry textbook under the pillow and absorb the information (and we believe one absolutely can), then your little one can absorb super speed just by wearing this Turbo Racer Costume. Dawdling down the aisles of the grocery store is sure to become a thing of the past, as is taking forrr-evvvv-er to wash his hands or eat his dinner. That new pep in his step definitely has its perks; being ten minutes early for his doctor appointment gives you enough time to stop and grab a life-saving coffee en route. And he’ll be so busy zipping through life he’s bound not to even notice that extra helping of green beans on his plate! Now, we know that the simple joy of seeing your kiddo light up at the sight of his new costume is reason enough for you to love it, but come on his newfound need for speed is total bonus perk of this look, right?Now, he’s even started clocking himself getting into this red top and black pants combo (both with racing checkerboard accents). The sculpted padding slows him down just a bit, but redeems itself by how cool it makes him feel once he’s in it! Given that it used to take him at least 30 minutes to simply find his pajama pants, we bet you’re impressed as he zooms into this look helmet-shaped mask and all and heads out the door to trick-or-treat in 30 seconds, flat!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Black & Red

Material: Polyester

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Turbo Racer Costume

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