Trolls Wheelchair Cover Adaptive Costume

Challenge AcceptedAs a parent, one of your greatest joys is making all of your child’s dreams come true. So when your kiddo asks to feel just like Poppy soaring away in her hot air balloon this Halloween, you may be feeling both inspired and a bit daunted. Turning your human child into Poppy, Queen of the Trolls, is a big enough challenge. But making them feel like they are taking to the sky in a fantastic flying balloon on a world tour of the troll tribes? Well, that task may feel near impossible. Have no fear, oh dedicated one! This Trolls Adaptive Wheelchair Cover can make your challenge a cinch to complete. Just pick up a peppy Poppy costume (sold separately) and then assemble this clever disguise over your child’s standard wheelchair to watch their wildest troll-themed dreams come true before your very eyes!Design & DetailsThis tricked-out wheelchair kit comes with plastic rods that assemble as a frame over your child’s chair. The cover fits over the top and is designed to turn the structure into Poppy’s flower-drenched hot air balloon. Officially licensed (and officially awesome), this accessory is any Trolls fan’s wildest floral fantasy come true. Trick or treating has never felt so magical! 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls

Size: One-Size

Color: Green & Pink & Yellow

Material: Plastic

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Trolls Wheelchair Cover Adaptive Costume

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