Transformers Optimus Prime Mask for Kids

New DreamsIt’s tough growing up. When we were a kid, we wanted to be a Transformer when we grew up. Specifically, we wanted to be Optimus Prime! After all, he fought against evil, had a ton of awesome robot friends to hang out with, and he could transform into a semi-truck. To our young eyes, that seemed like the coolest three traits anyone could have! Well, as we got older, we came to the realization that we’d never be able to do that! Your child still has many precious years of dreaming about becoming their favorite Transformer and you know what? Let them have their dream! You can even help them feel more like Optimus Prime by outfitting them with this Kid’s Transformers Optimus Prime Mask!
Product Details
This officially licensed mask is shaped just like the classic Transformers character! It’s made out of molded plastic and covers the entire face. The elastic band fits around your child’s head for a snug, yet comfy fit. The eyes feature mesh covering to allow for vision and the foam padding inside helps with fitting. Your child can make the most of their Transformers dreams when they wear this iconic mask! Be sure to check out all of our Optimus Prime toy accessories to really get them ready for a battle with the Decepticons!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Blue & Gray

Material: Plastic

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Transformers Optimus Prime Mask for Kids

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