Transformers Bumblebee Converting Costume for Kids

A Double Transformation Whether your kiddo grew up on reruns of the classic Transformers or have joined in the fun of the reboot of their stories thanks to the contemporary films, there is one thing that is certain to be true. Bumblebee is the bomb! The small-framed, quick-wheeled, and large-hearted Autobot was so popular that we basically demanded that he get his very own feature film! That shouldn’t be too surprising. Not only is he the brightest colored of all the sentient shapeshifting extraterrestrial robotic lifeforms, he’s got quite the moves, too!So, you might find that your tyke spends a lot of time trying to replicate Bumblebee’s iconic transformations. Perhaps you hear them giving out some pretty profound zooms and maybe even a few beatbox style conversations. If your kiddo is that much in love with everyone’s favorite Autobot, we’ve got something perfect for you both. (First, congratulations, because you’ve done a fantastic job.)
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Next step is to give your kiddo this Bumblebee Converting costume! This costume starts with a printed jumpsuit that is printed to look like Bumblebee’s base. The plastic mask fits with elastic and features mesh covering to maintain the iconic look while allowing your kiddo to see. When your kiddo is ready for the full transformation effect, they can wear the foam car body over their shoulders. When they duck down and extend their hands out, they’ll look like Bumblebee in one of his vehicle forms! Duck and Roll OutWhen the command comes to tear down the highway on the next adventure, your tyke will love ducking down and transforming into an actual car! (Well, at least they’ll look like a car. Everyone knows that you have to be at least 16 before you can start transforming into real vehicles and driving yourself down the road!) 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex


Color: Gray & Yellow

Material: Polyblend

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Transformers Bumblebee Converting Costume for Kids

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