Tootsie Roll Kid’s Costume

A Dangerous DisguiseYou run down the alley, your heart pounding, your breath rattling in your throat. Behind you, you can hear pounding footsteps, evil laughter, shouts of glee. You dare a glimpse over your shoulder, but there’s no one there… yet. So far, you’ve managed to outrun your pursuers, but you know you can’t maintain the distance forever. You’ve got to get off the street while you’re still alive.As you run, you bitterly berate yourself: Why, oh why, did you wear this costume? You should have known something like this would happen! How could you not realize that showing up dressed as a giant Tootsie Roll would drive the other kids mad with greed and hunger? Of course they would think you were truly a giant Tootsie Roll, based on your unbelievably realistic-looking costume. Of course they would want to grab you and devour you. Now you’re running for your life, as kids with already chocolate-stained faces dash after you, their sticky fingers outstretched.

Product Details
Your costume will definitely be counted as a sweet success if you show up wearing this Kid’s Tootsie Roll Costume. The officially licensed costume is 100 percent polyester fabric, 100 percent polyurethane foame. The sleeveless pullover tunic has a foam front panel and fabric back panel. There are printed graphics on the front panel, making it look just like a giant Tootsie Roll! There are holes for your arms and legs so that you can comfortably walk (or run! ) while wearing it.Good Enough to EatYou reach the end of the alley and turn the corner, your heart filling with hope as you see your house at the end of the block. But it’s a trap! As soon as you emerge, you’re surrounded by trick-or-treaters, swarming around you on every side. They grab at your costume hungrily.”Wait! ” you cry. “I’m not a real Tootsie Roll! “”You can’t fool us! ” they shout back. “We can tell by your officially licensed graphics that you’re real! “Desperately, you try to make them see reason, but it’s impossible. Oh, why didn’t you dress up like a firefighter like your mom suggested? Now it’s too late.

Brand: Rasta Imposta

Gender: Unisex

Size: 10-Aug

Color: Brown & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Tootsie Roll Kid’s Costume

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