Toddlers Fawn Costume

The Deer OnesChildren are all so different. Like animals in the forest, each child possesses their own unique characteristics and contributions. Some kids are squirrels, running around, hopping from tree to tree, fast, frenzied, bushy-tailed. Some kids are foxes, sly and smart and playful. Some kids are owls, up all night (thank goodness your child isn’t one of these anymore! ). But your little one? They are just like a darling fawn! Regal, quiet, thoughtful, family-oriented. And a little deer is as sweet as can be!  That’s why we know they will love dressing in this Toddler Fawn Costume. It will capture their imagination and their affection for their favorite animal. And you will love watching them prance through the neighborhood on Halloween night, turning your street into a forest path with every step!

Product Details
This exclusive ensemble is absolutely darling! It’s a sweet, deer-themed dress with fawn spots and attached faux-leather hooves along its sleeve cuffs. The attached hood holds cute little antlers and deer ears (so soft! ), and the matching leggings are easy to slip on. Honestly, this costume is so wearable that if you take away the face paint, we think your kiddo will like to wear this to school and play dates long after Halloween is over.Fawned OverIt’s totally OK to go gaga for your child in this precious getup! They are too cute for words. And your child is so sweet, we don’t think it’ll go to their head too much. Now the bags of candy…that’s another story.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Toddlers Fawn Costume

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