Toddlers Alien Costume

Space to PlayEvery playtime, your toddler launches into space for another adventure. The living room floor is covered in building blocks posing as moon rocks and blankets laying in wait as pits of space quicksand. You know, because youve stumbled into both and been reprimanded for not watching out for the perils of intergalactic exploration. On the off chance that youre not wading through the extraterrestrial landscape and finding yourself tangled in its dangers, youre usually just watching your toddlers imagination unfold before you.Sometimes you’re waiting for an introduction to join the fun. Those invites inevitably result in your casting as an astronaut sent to capture the most fearsome alien creature known to humankind. Your toddler plays that role well. Itll take everything youve got to catch the tiny terror. But once theyre wrapped in a hug and squeezed into fits of giggles, you know youve done what you must to save playtime.

Design & Details
Get your toddler in character for their next spacefaring journey with this Alien Costume for Toddlers! Our talented team of designers kept playtime and comfort in mind while putting this charming tunic together.Made with super-soft, swirl-textured Minky fabric, the bubble-shaped tunic provides a cozy base for the costume that offers room for extra layers of clothing to be worn. The matching hood features large soft-sculpted ears, antenna, and eyes with marble pupils and gives this costume its truly alien appearance. Meanwhile, hidden hook and loop fastening strips along the back of the tunic make getting your little one in and out of costume easy.Out of This WorldMake trick-or-treating, playtime, and any time out of this world fun with our Made By Us Toddler Alien Costume! Whether the whole family is getting ready to explore deep space for Halloween candy or cuddling up for an alien-filled movie marathon, this cozy exclusive will have you and yours ready for the adventure!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18MO

Color: Green & White

Material: Polyester


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Toddlers Alien Costume

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