Toddler Witch Wittle Witchiepoo Costume

Vexing ExpressionsAs a parent, you’ve undoubtedly seen some interesting expressions cross your child’s face. But the one that gets the biggest reaction sends a message louder than giggles, dimple-stretching smiles, and shrieks of unbridled joy combined. It’s become “affectionately” known as the vexing sneer. The good news is, the devastating look is typically served up to new faces only. Familiar faces know better than to greet your toddler with an ooey-gooey pet name. But should someone address your little one with a patented baby-talk nickname, they find themselves confronted with a face that cannot conceal your child’s bubbling urge to whisper, do it again, I dare you. Luckily, it’s just a flash of the eyes and a fixed smile. Though the air does seem to chill, and sometimes the room seems darker. Still, the last you checked, your toddler can’t cast a curse or hex a person with by staring. Just in case, though, maybe it’s time to give visitors and loved ones a visual warning of your little one’s powerful expressions.
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Put your child’s more bewitching qualities on display (before a mushy gushy relative triggers them) with this Wittle Witchiepoo Witch Costume for Toddlers. The 3-piece ensemble starts with a dress made from purple taffeta, a unique black lace, and black velvet along the cuffs and collar. The lace-edged petticoat peeks out from the hemline of the dress. With the bodice buttoned at the front, the layered sweet-and-sassy look surely captures your little one’s spooky cuteness. Complete the enchanting costume with the curly witch’s hat. Made with black velvet and featuring a whimsically twisted point, this final costume ingredient adds potency to the potion.

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Girls

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Black & Purple

Material: Polyester

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Toddler Witch Wittle Witchiepoo Costume

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