Toddler The Incredibles Edna Costume

The Tiny FashionistaIn the Incredibles 1 and 2, the superhero family delighted fans across the world and won their hearts. Both relatable and powerful, everyone could see their own daily lives in the lives of these heroes. When they aren’t fighting crime, someone has to go to work, or vacuum, or do homework. Some things never change! But there is another, much beloved character in these movies, and that is Edna Mode. The sassy, fierce, and delightfully blunt designer has some of the best scenes and lines in each film. Your little one may not know it yet, but they will definitely be the best dressed at the party in The Incredibles Infant/Toddler Edna Mode Costume!

Product Details
This simple but elegant costume is easy for your child to wear. The blue dress, with its artful color blocks, closes at the back with a velcro type fastener. No need to worry about these glasses getting uncomfortable; they are made of felt, and also close at the back. To mimic Edna’s bobbed hair and bangs, black fabric covers a foam headpiece. This has an elastic band for under the chin, so it won’t come off. Pair with tights and dark shoes to complete the look!  No Capes Here! As Edna knows, capes are dangerous and, honestly, not that fashionable. The real Edna would be quite pleased with your costume selection! As we learned from the movies, getting Edna’s approval isn’t easy, but she’s almost always right. Off you go, darling!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: 12/18mo

Color: Black & Blue

Material: Polyester


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Toddler The Incredibles Edna Costume

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