Toddler Storybook Witch Costume

Witches have gotten a pretty bad rap over the last few centuries. Whether being burned at the stake in Salem or kicked out of covens, people are always blaming witches for pretty much every problem they can think of. Lose your job? A witch did it! Turned into a newt? A witch did it! You and your dog are attacked by flying monkeys in a magical land? A witch did it. Frankly, the witch scapegoat is a little overused. Can witches really be responsible for so much negativity? Of course not. Witches have pet cats and wear pointy hats. Nothing wrong with that. Sure, they fly around on broomsticks and that can freak some people out, but what better way to get where you’re going while always being ready to do some sweeping? It makes perfect sense.These days, people are finally starting to come around on witches. Especially now that there’s a great new role model of proper witchery, Hermione Granger. And your little one has the chance to promote witch positive public image through her very own costume. Show people how good witches really are, how they can stimulate the economy through spells, or how strong they can be when it comes to community, always offering a place for anyone looking for curses, potions, or other magical amenities. For every cauldron of suspicious potion, there’s an eye of newt or unicorn hair to go with it. Witches are productive members of society and we can no longer sit back and let them be persecuted for their way of witch life.

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls

Size: 2T

Color: Black

Material: Polyester

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Toddler Storybook Witch Costume

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