Toddler Red Crayon Costume Dress for Girl’s

Seeing Red What would we do without that vibrant hue, red? It perfectly conveys strong emotion, warnings, and even tastiness. It’s perfect for stop signs and stop lights, fast cars, juicy strawberries and hot peppers. When it’s in a crayon form, it can create boiling, molten lava oozing out of a volcano, or color in a superhero’s flapping cape as its wearer speeds off to the rescue. And don’t forget about dragon flame, knights’ shields, and princess gowns!  

Product Details
Your child will glow when she’s wearing this exclusive, officially licensed Girl’s Toddler Red Crayon Costume Dress! The knee-length dress fastens at the back and features a sleeveless bodice made of stretch knit polyester fabric. The chest area is printed with Crayola’s signature black crayon wrapper detailing, as is a printed band around the hips. The torso is decorated with a vertical Crayola logo. The skirt is printed with both light and dark red. The final touch is a fabric-covered plastic headband topped with an attached hat that’s shaped like a crayon’s tip. Red Carpet Treatment If your little girl wants to feel like a superstar, definitely dress her in this fun costume! It may inspire her to request only red-colored trick-or-treat candy this Halloween. This would be an awesome challenge, since it covers everything from spicy cinnamon-flavored chews to watermelon bubble gum to cherry lollipops to red-wrapped chocolate bars. It’s only fair that she collects them all so that she can practice drawing them later (after she eats most of them, of course). 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Black & Red

Material: Polyester


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Toddler Red Crayon Costume Dress for Girl’s

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