Toddler Hotel Transylvania Mavis Costume

THE LITTLEST VAMPIREWe all know that it is tough enough raising a kiddo. They manage to get everywhere in absolutely no time and the moment that you can no longer hear them, you know that you’re about to walk into a room that’s near exploded with near devastation. That’s just their natural curiosity at work which naturally evolves into some pretty memorable moments of adventure”for them and us. But, have you ever wondered what it is like raising a youngster vampire?Turns out that not all vampires are created by a bite. Some are born and hopefully develop their fangs by the time they are five years old. That’s when the powers show up. Crawling around on the ceiling. Turning into flying bats. Even locking things in cabinets won’t help much once they get those telekinetic abilities moving. So, just in case your kiddo is going to gain some of those powers, you should be prepared. We’ve got a great way to help you practice with your little vamp!  

Design & Details
Get used to some of those nifty new powers when you give your kiddo our Mavis costume for toddlers. This is a Made by Us design that is officially licensed and constructed to help your tyke look just like a youngster Mavis from Hotel Transylvania. The look includes a short black dress with sleeves to the elbows and a pair of black and red tights. Finish off the look with the wig and your kiddo will wig out as Mavis Dracula!  A MAGICAL WONDER! When your kiddo climbs into this Mavis costume from Hotel Transylvania, she is going to seem like a mystical monster”and that’s a good thing! All you need to prepare for is spotting any hinky uses of vampire powers to acquire extra candy. (Though maybe she’ll share some with you out of thanks for her newfound powers! ) 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Black & Red

Material: Polyester


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Toddler Hotel Transylvania Mavis Costume