Toddler Horse Costume

Just Say “Neigh”Remember when you had an infant, and you thought it was really hard? Now, you have a toddler, and well…is it too late to go back to the infant stage? Toddlers climb everything. They open every door, drawer, and cabinet. They flush puzzle pieces down the toilet. And don’t get us started on toddlers and house plants.But the thing that toddlers love the most? Saying “No! ” Do you want a bath? No! Do you want to go to the park? No! Do you want chocolate or vanilla? No!  You hear it a lot these days. No, no, no. It’s normal. It’s natural. It’s…absolutely maddening. But try this trick: slip your kiddo into this cute Toddler Horse Costume and teach them to say “Neigh,” instead. It may not change how hard toddlerhood is, but at least it will be really fun and cute to watch them gallop around, neighing and whinnying like a horse!  

Product Details
This exclusive costume is easy to wear, so it doesn’t take ages getting your child dressed to go trick or treating. That’s a relief, huh? It’s a cozy one-piece jumpsuit that zips up the front and has a stuffed horse’s head on the attached hood. The horse looks so real”a soft-sculpted muzzle and cute horse ears make the transformation flawless. A black silky horse mane and tail are also attached, as are “hoof” sleeve cuffs and shoe covers. Say Yes to the Dress-UpWe think this costume is so fantastic, your little one may actually even say “Yes! ” to getting dressed for Halloween. We know you know just how big of a deal that is. Good luck with your spirited little foal!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Black & Brown

Material: Polyblend


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Toddler Horse Costume

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