Toddler Harry Potter Hedwig Costume

Special DeliveryYouve been waiting for the day and its finally here. Your toddler wants to be a Harry Potter character for Halloween! Youve got your house robes pressed and your wand polished, ready to go trick-or-treating with your kiddo. They, however, havent told you which character they want to be yet. So, you started asking who they want to dress as.Would it be Harry? A pair of fake glasses and their first experience with a little bit of face paint would be fun, plus they could match you. But no. Hermione? Wearing a wig would be exciting! Still, no. Hagrid? Your kiddo love animals and your dog would make an excellent Fang. Nope. Dumbledore? Luna Lovegood? Dobby? No. No. Nope. You were out of ideas when they looked at you and your Gryffindor robes and said, Harrys Hedwig. A quick interrogation later and you realized your brilliant little wizard wanted to be the Hedwig to your Harry Potter”perfect!

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Grant your little ones wish with this Harry Potter Toddler Hedwig Costume. Theyll be ready to fly through the neighborhood this Halloween thanks to the design of this officially licensed ensemble. The one-piece suit is made with a bright white velour fabric to give it the same gorgeous snowy look Hedwig is known for. The long, flowy sleeves are attached along one side to the suit, so when your toddler raises their arms theyll be spreading their wings. The separate, but included, headpiece features a soft-sculpted beak and embroidered amber eyes to complete the magical look! Companion CostumeWhether youre introducing your toddler to the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry or looking for that final outfit to complete your familys group costume, this Harry Potter Toddler Hedwig Costume has you covered! With everything they need to transform into Harrys constant companion this costume is the perfect way to let your toddler explore their transfiguration skills and love of Harry Potter alongside you!

Brand: Dreamgirl

Gender: Unisex

Size: 06-Apr

Color: Gray & White

Material: Polyester


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Toddler Harry Potter Hedwig Costume

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