Toddler Goldilocks Costume for Girls

CURIOSITY AND ADVENTUREPoor little Goldilocks gets a pretty bad reputation. Now, some of it is deserved. She did break into a house and must have taken the welcome on the mat or the make yourself at home cross-stitch wall art more to heart than anyone intended.Ate up a bunch of food and (accidentally) broke some property… but, we need to give her some credit, too! It takes a pretty brave girl to be lost in the woods and be willing to go into the house of a trio of bears! When told from her perspective, this is really just a tale of a poor first impression. And what family just heads out on a walk without locking their doors just because they made their porridge too hot! ? Have they not heard of blowing on their food to cool it?Then again, perhaps it was Goldilocks who not only made but had the bad first impression. Perhaps she just surprised to see anthropomorphic bears with woodland realty… What could have happened?

Design & Details
Help to write the second chapter of this old tale by letting your little explorer feel a little bit of fantasy with this Goldilocks Costume. The pale yellow dress is short-sleeved and has delightful ruffled edges, a rickrack-trimmed collar, and pearly buttons.The light blue apron features a shiny ribbon belt and a white heart as well as an embroidered bear popping out of the pocket. The matching bow will put a perfect smile on human and bear alike.THE NEW ROOMMATEOnce all the surprise finally settled down after their first meeting, who could have guessed that Goldilocks and the Three Bears would have made such great friends! ? Now the only trouble will be knowing which porridge temperature is in the middle where there are four bowls!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Yellow & Blue

Material: Polyester


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Toddler Goldilocks Costume for Girls

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