Toddler Girl’s Santa’s Helper Costume

THE LITTLEST ELFThere are plenty of stories about Santa, the reindeer, Mrs. Claus… and even a few stories about snowmen that populate the fields of the cinnamon-scented North.  But, there are surprisingly few tales told about the elves that help to make sure that every season goes off without a hitch.  (Sure, there are those two stories, but who needs to know more about a giant elf and another one that wants to go into dentistry, anyway?)  The real heartwarming tale comes from the tiniest elf that struggled all year to be the best helper anyone had ever seen.  She learned how to make cookies to help keep Santa energized for the coming season.  She wanted to get her gift-wrapping skills down pat so every present looked like perfection.  She was the first in line to help get the reindeer food ready… even the special peppermint blend that keeps Rudolf’s nose glowing extra bright!   She’s the best elf, ever!  

Design & Details
We know that you’ve got a little helper of your own that deserves to feel a little extra magical, too.  Our in-house designers are exactly the same way, so they knew just how to make things perfect with this Santa Helper Costume for your toddler.  This is a jersey fabric dress of super comfy quality in the iconic red and green colors of Christmas.  With 3/4 sleeves and multiple layers on the skirt, the dress is almost as festive as the matching hat and its pointy pompom!   Finish off with a red felt belt and a pair of green curly boot covers and all your kiddo will need is the giggle to finish off the look… and we’re sure that she’s got a great laugh! ALL FOR THE TREATS?Now, we’re not positive that the help your little one is always offering is completely altruistic.  Maybe she’s doing it out of love.  Maybe it is curiosity.  (It’s probably so she can have cookies as well.)  But, no matter the reason, this costume will show that your tyke is the perfect helper.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Green & Red

Material: Polyester


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Toddler Girl’s Santa’s Helper Costume

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