Toddler Dr. Seuss Blue Fish Costume

The Famous FishAnyone who’s read a bookhas, by now, had a lookat the things from here to there”the funny things from everywhere.But there are some that stand tall,the very best of them all.They show up right on page oneto prove they have all the fun.So if your kiddo is screaming blue,we’ve got the perfect gift for you! It’s time to let your baby winas the fish whose high finwon its place on several pagesin a book loved by all ages!

Design & Details
 No matter how many varieties of fish there are in the world, the smart-looking fishie from One Fish, Two Fish will always be our favorite. Now you can give your little ones the perfect Dr. Seuss costume when you dress them up in this Blue Fish costume! This adorable tunic has the swaying fins and brilliant hue of the famous fish on page one (and two)! Markings on the front give it the inky illustrated look from the book and hook & loop fastener in the back ensures that it is easy to slip onto your tykes (even if they are squirmy.) The foam-backed hood features bright eyes (and adorably illustrated eyelashes) as well as an open face so your kiddo’s smile gets to be seen by all! Tell the “tail” with two fish when you nab our Red Fish costume to match, too!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 12mo

Color: Black & Blue

Material: Polyblend


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Toddler Dr. Seuss Blue Fish Costume

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