Toddler Baby Shark Pink Costume Hoodie

Not Exactly a House PetSome man-eating, dangerous beasties look cuddlier than others. Bears are all fluffy sweetness until you get between them and their honey. Tigers have the softest underbellies that you just want to rub (although we recommend nixing that impulse unless you also want to lose a hand). Wolves have the thickest fur, although they object to being scratched behind the ears. Even rhinos seem precious with their big eyes, wrinkly skin, and a shuffling walk, at least until they start to charge. At that point, their adorableness is best observed from the safety of a tall tree.Sharks usually arent in this cute-but-carnivorous category. Mr. Jaws just seems too wet and toothy to cozy up with. With one popular nursery song, this unjust categorization is over for good! Thanks to Baby Shark, these fierce fish can join the ranks of animals youd like to pet “ but wont, in case of biting!

Product Details
Mommy and Daddy Shark will be so proud of how adorable their little fish looks when she wears her Toddler Pink Baby Shark Costume Hoodie! The cotton and polyester blend hoodie zips up the front and is super soft and comfy for underwater adventures. The front of the hoodie is printed with a sweet face, complete with big peepers and a cheerful smile. It looks ready to burst into song at any minute! Who Wants a Hug? Maybe you cant really squeeze a Great White, but you certainly can cuddle your little one in her Toddler Pink Baby Shark Costume Hoodie! This sweet outfit is too cute to be scary “ but shh, dont tell her that!

Brand: Freeze

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Pink & White

Material: Cottonblend


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Toddler Baby Shark Pink Costume Hoodie

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