Toddler Adorable Devil Costume

OMEN: THE REBRANDINGWho knew that giving a little kiddo demonic powers and letting him loose on the world might create a little bit of horror! ?  Came as a total surprise to everyone involved, believe it or not.  They figured that a devilish toddler would come off a little bit more like cartoonish pranks than… well, you know.  But, that’s the glory of reinvention!   Now, the newest child of the devil is ready to leap out from heck and right into your heart! A few bits of advice for caring for your little imp.  First, know that the whole immunity to fire is just a myth.  Your little devil needs to stay away from the hot stove just as much as before.  Second, flight comes way later.  Those wings are just for goofs until they’ve got strong enough shoulderblades to give them lift.  Third, it is telepathy; not telekinisis.  They’re great at reading minds and convincing you to give them treats, not moving things with their mind.

Design & Details
The last thing you need to know about your impish cutie is that they’re going to look exactly the same unless you gear them up in our exclusive Adorable Devil Costume for toddlers!   Our design team is made up of genuine monsters, so they know just what goes into making a devilish experience a true delight.  The red minky jumpsuit zips up the front and features a triangle-tipped tail and sewn-on booties.  The devil is literally in the details with this look, though, thanks to a pair of black webbed wings with wire boning and a pair of black minky horns on both the wings and the hood!   That’s right:  devilishly soft for your little demon! WHISPERS ON THE SHOULDERWe all grew up knowing that little devils would try to persuade us to do all the naughty stuff.  Get those extra treats and stay up for an extra movie after bedtime.  Well, now that you’ve got your own little one around, this is the perfect time to give in to all those things… and this Adorable Devil look is just the excuse you need.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Black & Red

Material: Polyester


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Toddler Adorable Devil Costume

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