Tiny Triceratops Costume for Infants

Dinosaur LingoTeaching little tykes new words can be a bit of a mystifying process. It’s kind of like listening to song lyrics and hearing what we think we hear! Suddenly, even though the lyrics are pretty obviously tiny dancer… all we want is to be held closer by Tony Danza! Well, as much as we’re trying to get those kiddos to say “Daddy” and “Mommy,” can we ever be sure that’s what they’re trying to say? It seems that they’re much more comfy with something prehistoric!  Of course, maybe that’s the trick. Maybe if we help them get a little closer to the lingo they are more comfortable with, they’ll start moving in our linguistic direction, too! So, the first target is to find out what kind of roaring dino lingo they are speaking. Some might speak in quick little meeps, like tiny raptors. Others may tighten up their fists and shake the floorboards with a cry that makes you wonder if your kiddo needs to breathe! Most are just trying to be understood…

Design & Details
That gives us a great idea. How about we try a Triceratops! In this magical Tiny Triceratops Costume, your infant will take their first steps into the Jurassic (well, technically late Cretaceous). Anyway, what you care about is that your kiddo is going to be comfy as heck in this super-soft jumper that zips down the front and features snap closures at the rump for quick changes. An attached tail and mitts keep your child in character while the headpiece snaps comfortably under the chin.Raaawr! It is possible that your little one might actually enjoy dinosaur speak more than they currently do once they are bundled up in this Triceratops costume. Still, who can deny how cute they are going to look while dressed up like one of the most beloved dinosaurs of all time! ? 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Green & Pink & White

Material: Polyester


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Tiny Triceratops Costume for Infants

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