Tiny Tree Kid’s Costume

Happy HabitatWhat would we do without trees? There would be no place to build an amazing fort with a rope ladder and a spyglass. Squirrels wouldn’t have a snug place to store their nuts and curl up during the long winters. We wouldn’t hear the soft and soothing sound of wind rushing through high branches, and tire swings wouldn’t be nearly as fun. It’s no wonder that trees are so important in all of our lives: So important that dressing up as one is a really cool Halloween idea!  

Product Details
Yout won’t be-leaf your eyes when you see how fantastic you look in this exclusive Tiny Tree Costume for Kids! The long-sleeved jumpsuit fastens down the back and is made of brown minky fabric that’s embossed all over with a tree bark pattern. The shoulders and sleeves are sewn with green felt leaves. An included stuffed squirrel can be fastened into the pocket on the torso. The headpiece fastens under your chin, has foam lining to help it keep its shape, and is sewn with more green felt leaves. See the Forest for the Trees What does that expression mean? Does it mean something like, “Make sure you don’t lose sight of the details?” Or does it mean, “You are going to look awesome no matter where you are if you’re dressed in a cool outfit that makes you look like a majestic tree”? The second one sounds pretty good to us. We’ll go with that, because it’s true.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Brown & Green

Material: Polyester


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Tiny Tree Kid’s Costume

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