Tigress Onesie Girl’s Costume

A Catwalk Like No OtherIt’s the best day of all: the school field trip to the zoo! Hundreds of schoolchildren press eagerly against the fences of the animals’ cages, craning their heads eagerly for a glimpse of the creatures inside. From the antelopes to the zebras, all of the zoo dwellers find themselves a little shy at the attention – except for one sassy lady. She doesn’t hide in her cave or under a log, quaking at the throngs of people who have come to see her. She struts her stuff, one elegant paw in front of the other, accepting the attention as her due. After all, who else has such beautiful patterns, such silky fur, and such an expressive tail? She’s here to put on a show!  

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We think you’ll agree – this exclusive Tigress Onesie Costume for Girls is the cat’s meow! Flaunt your inner wildcat in this onesie-style jumpsuit that’s trimmed with soft white faux fur at the collar, cuffs, and tummy. The bold orange and black-striped print will be a showstopper for sure. The attached tail is stuffed so that it will flick sassily behind you. Slip on the matching headband adorned with two cute ears and let’s hear your best growl!  A Positive Cat-titudeIt’s good to be a giant cat every so often. Loll in the sun, stalk along the borders of your territory, groom your paws when your activities have stirred up a little too much dust. It’s a pleasant life, but bystanders be warned: This tigress hides an adventurous heart! She’d think nothing of leaping the fence and vanishing into the jungle to explore and play forever. One thing’s for sure: She’ll rule over other cats wherever she goes!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black & Orange & White

Material: Polyester


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Tigress Onesie Girl’s Costume

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