Tiger Jawesome Kid’s Costume

Dinner Time in the JungleA mighty hunter senses prey nearby, hidden somewhere in the jungle of sidewalks, streets, and houses decorated with ghosts and pumpkins. It sniffs its sensitive nose and stalks forward, starting to track its delicious snack. Hmm…this house is offering boxed raisins. That can be tasty, but that’s not the scent it smelled earlier. This house is offering gummy worms. Closer, but not quite. And this house is passing out taffy. That’s the one! The mighty jungle cat wins again!

Design & Details
Be the most fearsome hunter in the jungle thanks to this exclusive Tiger Jawesome Costume! The jumpsuit fastens up the back and is made of orange and black velour fabric that’s as soft as a tiger’s hide (in theory, anyway – it’s a bad idea to get close enough to a tiger to test). The torso is sewn with white velour, a fabric tail is sewn to the seat, and faux claws decorate the attached mitts and foot covers. The adjustable matching hat has a hole in the open jaws for your face to poke through. The Friendly Tiger Most tigers hunt alone, but this tiger enjoys prowling around with friends! Get a pride of tigers together to have extra fun at your next Halloween or costume event – or choose an animal theme! Your friends will appreciate the fact that this tiger prefers pizza and other treats over its fellow birds and beasts. It would be kind of awkward if you ended up eating a buddy. 

Brand: Elope

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Black & Orange & White

Material: Polyester


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Tiger Jawesome Kid’s Costume

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