The Grinch Santa Open Face Kids Costume

Welcome, ChristmasDo you enjoy the Christmas season, or do you find that you look forward to it a little less each year? It seems that as we grow up, a little of that magic that we experienced during our childhood fades. We understand. It seems that the season has become a long list of obligations to fulfill and money to spend, and you might find yourself becoming a little more like the Grinch. (And if you have neighbors as noisy as the Whos, we cant really blame you! ) However, just like the Grinch, we should remember that Christmas is not about packages, boxes, or bags. Its about standing heart to heart and hand in hand with the people we love. And we think that when you do your best to remember that, some of the magic of the season will return.

Design & Details
We hope that your child doesnt experience too many bitter Grinchy feelings during the holidays, but we totally understand that it can be really fun to be the one running around making mischief. We made this Grinch Santa Open Face Costume for Kids for all those children who like to cause some confusion once in a while. Theyll look just like the Grinch in this soft suit complete with Santa coat. It also has a black belt with a shiny buckle to complete the look. The headpiece features the Grinchs green fur and includes a Santa hat as well. Its open in the front so your child doesnt have to worry about trying to breathe through any type of mask, and they can sport their own smile (or frown) while wearing it.Bring Your CheerIf your child wants to wear this Grinch Santa Open Face Costume, we hope theyll be the ones returning Christmas cheer instead of stealing it! We hope theyll have fun in this costume but also remember which parts of the season are really important. After all, as the Whos sing, Christmas Day is in our grasp so long as we have hands to clasp! 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Green & Red & White

Material: Polyblend


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The Grinch Santa Open Face Kids Costume