The Aladdin Live Action Girls Jasmine Classic Costume

The Great EscapeCan you blame her? Sure, Jasmine might have everything that money can buy, but the Sultan keeps her locked up inside the palace all day. He tries to marry her to snooty princes all day. She never gets to experience anything outside of the books inside the palace! So, can you blame her that she tries to sneak out of the palace to see the sights of Agrabah?Well, don’t blame Jasmine at all! Heading out on adventures is a big part of growing up and it’s important for all girls to see a bit of the world. If you try to keep a curious girl like her cooped up in her room, she’s bound to make an attempt at escape. Even your girl could use a little bit of adventure in her life! That’s why it might just be time to dress your little girl up in this officially licensed Jasmine Costume from the live-action Disney movie.

Product Details
This Princess Jasmine Costume helps give your child the look of the character from the movie! The costume comes with a brilliant turquoise jumpsuit that has printed gold details on the front. It even has a shimmering gold section in the middle. The legs have printed peacock feather designs on the front, complete with a dark blue spot near the bottom of each pant leg. Finally, the semi-sheer turquoise cape comes with more peacock feather patterns on it to complete the look, transforming your little girl into the crowned princess of Agrabah! Show Her a Whole New WorldHelp your girl break out into the world for her very first adventure! With this Princess Jasmine Costume, who knows? She might even meet a dashing young boy and befriend a Genie when she heads out into a whole new world!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Orange & Blue

Material: Polyester


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The Aladdin Live Action Girls Jasmine Classic Costume

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