The Addams Family Lurch Kid’s Costume

You Rang?Isn’t it a little odd? No matter where you are in the Addams Family mansion, there’s always a rope handy to summon Lurch. And he always arrives in an instant! We’ve been trying to understand just how it works. Do they have a complex pulley system rigged throughout the house? Is it the work of ghosts, carefully moving ropes around unnoticed? Do they have some kind of computerized system connected to a rope system? Or some kind of mild sorcery perhaps… Well, we’ll probably never know the secrets to the Addams family home, but your child might discover a few of the Addams Family secrets when he wears this Addams Family Lurch Child Costume!

Product Details
The Addams Family Lurch Child Costume comes with everything your child needs to transform into the monstrous manservant from the 2019 animated film. The costume starts with a jacket that has an attached shirt front underneath. It even comes with a bowtie in front, to help your little one look like on dapper butler. The black pants match the jacket and come with an elastic band in the waist for fitting. Finally, to make the transformation complete, this costume comes with a Lurch mask. It’s made out of molded plastic and fits with an elastic band around the back. Once your child has it all on, he’ll be ready to respond to any call! The Family of MysteriesWe’re going to keep working on our Addams Family bell theories… but in the meantime, your child can play the role of Lurch and he can start to uncover other Addams Family mysteries. Actually, perhaps you could help your young one by dressing up in our other Addams Family outfits! We have Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, and Pugsley, so the whole family can dress up like the iconic Addams Family!

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Male

Size: S

Color: Black & White

Material: Polyurethane


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The Addams Family Lurch Kid’s Costume