Teeny Weeny Werewolf Infant Costume

Strange Sleep PatternsYou knew having a baby would change your sleeping routine. Late nights were practically a guarantee. But you also assumed that at some point your attempts to stick to a regular bedtime would influence your little one to follow suit. However, once it seemed like everything was going according to plan, that sweet baby of yours started reacting to the phases of the moon.At first, you didnt quite realize that the moon was having an effect on your babys sleeping pattern, but after a few months of the same behavior it clicked. At a new moon theyd sleep pretty soundly. By the half-moon they were only a bit more restless than you prefer. And that full moon, quite literally had them howling into the night. Plus, you noticed their hair would get extra shaggy and unruly on full moon nights¦

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From the sounds of it, you may in fact be raising a werewolf and not a regular human child. Being big fans of Halloween, we say embrace it. Normal is overrated and just think of how easy getting ready to trick-or-treat will be once your baby has come into their full coat! Until then, get them into character with this adorable Infant Tweeny Weeny Werewolf Costume. The two-piece ensemble makes your babys Halloween transformation easy! The baby-doll styled red plaid dress is made to give your sweetie the look of a werewolf with gray faux fur sleeve cuffs connected to jagged-edged sleeves. The hood is made of the same faux fur and features soft-sculpted ears decorated with black satin ribbon bows for an extra bit of charm! Growing Up WerewolfIf you ask us, having a werewolf for a kid doesnt sound half bad. Theyre in tune with the cycle of the moon and pretty good protectors. And theyll really enjoy a hearty steak dinner when their teeth come in. While youre still waiting for them to cut teeth and develop a standard bedtime, however, give them the look theyre destined to sport with this Infant Teeny Weeny Werewolf Costume!

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Female

Size: 12/18mo

Color: Gray & Red

Material: Polyester


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Teeny Weeny Werewolf Infant Costume

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