Surly Possum Kids Costume

A Bad RapPossums really get a bad rap. Sure, they scuttle around through the neighborhood at night. And yes, maybe they look a bit angry all of the time, especially with those snaggly teeth they have hanging down from their mouths. But really, possums are an important part of the ecosystem! They help rid your neighborhood of gross bugs and they don’t cause trouble by knocking over your trash cans, like those naught raccoons! Yep, possums are a blessing and if your child wants to help clear their name, then we have the costume that will help out with that.Our designers put a lot of work into this Surly Possum Costume for kids. It captures that slightly grumpy look that possums have, while also combining it with some adorable qualities to make it as lovable as it is surly.

Design & Details
This Made By Us costume transforms your child into the neighborhood critter! It comes with a full jumpsuit that’s covered in a layer of gray faux fur. The suit fits with a zipper in the front and features a tan, flesh-tone tail attached to the back. The attached hood is designed to look like the face of a possum, complete with a pointy face and a row of teeth along each side. The hood also features a pair of ears and embroidered eyes on top. Finally, the costume also comes with a pair of shoe covers, which are designed to fit over your child’s shoes. It’s a look that primed and ready for a stroll through the neighborhood! Woodland DuosIf your child wants to help give possums a good name, or they just like the surly nature of possums, then this costume is a great choice for them! You can even dress up in one of our woodland animal costumes to create a parent-child duo costume this year!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & Gray

Material: Polyblend


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Surly Possum Kids Costume

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