Stranger Things Tween Classic Eddie Season 4 Costume

Heroically UniqueYour kiddo isn’t into heroes wearing capes and stopping crime in the night. They don’t care for superpowered aliens that can zip through enemy spaceships saving Earth in a single move. Their type of hero looks more like the underdog with the power of big ideas and a bigger heart. So, when they saw Eddie smirk at his Hellfire Club and jump on the table to defend his people, you knew there was no going back. They’d found the hero capable of creating and destroying worlds with just their words. A hero that could unite a group of people with a thrilling mix of excitement, love, and fear. And a hero with a costume as unique and inclusive as there ever was!
Product Details
Help your child become the hero of their dreams with this Stranger Things Classic Eddie Costume for tweens! The officially licensed costume brings to life the instantly iconic uniform of Stranger Things Season 4 newcomer Eddie. Featuring just two pieces, becoming the D&D Dungeon Master is quick and easy. A bright white faux-tee with a black neckline and Hellfire Club logo starts the costume. Its lightweight construction and pullover cut keep the ensemble wearable. Ensuring the versatile costume has the polish all high school students hope for, the accompanying jacket is composed of faux leather and a denim-textured material. A faux zipper and print details, including traditional denim jacket stitching and patches, add to the 80s punk vibe.Join the ClubWhether they want to be just like Eddie or simply join the Hellfire Club’s D&D campaigns, this Stranger Things Costume has your child covered! Pair with a shaggy black wig to help your kiddo really channel the Hawkins high schooler. Or let them style the costume jacket and tee with their own clothing and accessories for a look that fits their unique personality!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys


Color: Black & Blue & White

Material: Polyester

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Stranger Things Tween Classic Eddie Season 4 Costume

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