Sting Ray Costume for Kids

Sea and Be SeenDid you know a stingray’s coloration often matches that of the sea floor where they are swimming? Did you know that ancient dentists sometimes used stingray venom as anesthesia? No? Well, your kid sure does! Seriously, though, your child is totally infatuated with the ocean world. Any free weekend you find get filled with trips to the beach, excursions to the aquarium, and viewings of ocean documentaries. So, when deciding what to be for Halloween, your child really wanted to show off their knowledge of all things marine! A shark seems too obvious, a fish is too cute, and don’t get them started on merpeople! No, for your sea-savvy son or daughter, this Child Stingray Costume proves one part cuddly outfit, one part demonstration of devotion. It’ll be the perfect look for their costume party, which is all animal-themed! A bit unusual, just the slightest bit eerie, but also totally cool and awe-inspiring, this stingray costume is your kid’s catch of the day!

Design & Details
 Mady by Us right here in our costume studio, this look was crafted with a little fish-lover like your child in mind. It’s certainly cozier than a real stingray”it consists of a cuddly jumpsuit that’s white on the underside and gray on top. Your kid’s hands can slide into the bands on the inside of the “wings” and they will look (and feel) just like their favorite creature! Cool details abound, such as “gills” on the torso and eyes on the top of the hood, making this outfit look totally real. It’s a good thing your kiddo is wearing it to a party on dry land or people may scatter when they see it coming! Ray of LightWe seriously LOVE kids who are into science and nature”it’s why we take time to make costumes that appeal to them. Keep teaching your child to be curious about the natural world…and brush up on your stingray trivia while you’re at it. It looks like you’ll need it for a while!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Gray & White

Material: Polyester


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Sting Ray Costume for Kids

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