Stegosaurus Fossil Costume for Kids

The Real King of DinosaursHere’s a question for you? Which dinosaur is the best one? It’s a tough question, but if you think about it, there’s only one clear answer! It’s not the Tyrannosaurs Rex”he might be really big, but those tiny arms make it tough to take him seriously. How about the Triceratops? Nope! They’re pretty cool, but those big ol’ horns probably get in the way during snack time! Can you imagine trying to munch on your favorite snack with a set of gigantic horns poking out of your forehead? Brontosaurus? It’s got to be tough turning your head with that giant neck! Yes, it’s quite clear that the Stegosaurus is the best dino of them all! Not only does it have some cool spikes on its back, but it’s tail doubles as a sweet weapon! Well, now your child can become the best dino of them all (or at least the fossilized version of one) with this Kid’s Stegosaurus Fossil Costume.

Design & Details
Our costume designers really wanted to capture the true look of Stegosaurus when they designed this Made by Us costume. The costume comes with a full-body jumpsuit that has an attached tail in the back. It comes with printed dinosaur bones throughout the entire suit, to help your child look like a museum exhibit, especiallly with the layer of the back spikes! The costume comes with an attached hood on top, so your child can keep cozy while they play as their favorite dino.The Jurassic FamilyIf your child is ready to be the best dinosaur of them all, then they’re going to love wearing this fossilized version of the Stegosaurus. Be sure to check out all of our dinosaur costumes to turn the whole family into a Jurassic style group!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Black & Brown

Material: Polyester


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Stegosaurus Fossil Costume for Kids

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