Starburst Angel Kids Costume

An Angelic AchievementUnruly, curious, and into everything, your little toddler was no…angel. When they were a babe, you honestly never thought you’d see this day. They drew on your walls with crayon, ate sand in the sandbox, ran straight into the street every chance they got, and let’s not even get started on dinnertime. What a mess! But then, something happened…they grew up. Just a tad. They learned to like drawing in coloring books instead of on furniture, and they realized it was better ” and safer ” to stay with you on the sidewalk. Phew! And now your child really is a true angel. They help you cook dinner. They cut fresh flowers from your garden and leave them on the table. They do their homework without your asking, and they make their bed every morning (we know full-grown adults who don’t do that! ). Celebrate their transformation with this Kid’s Starbust Angel Costume and you can lavish your lovely child with all the positive energy they deserve!

Product Details
This look comes with everything you need ” dress, skirt, bow, wings, and a halo ” to watch your little one transform. The dress is made from soft white velour and is covered in an ethereal, starry organza overlay, and the bow secures to the matching belt. Foam wings and tinsel halo complete the costume and leave your child looking like the angel they are at heart.Made to MultitaskThis look plays well for Halloween, Christmas, pageants, plays, and more! Most importantly, your sweet little angel will feel right at home in it, and may even act even more angelic with each wear.

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Female

Size: M

Color: Brown & White

Material: Polyester


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Starburst Angel Kids Costume

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