Star Wars Darth Vader Plush Deluxe Costume

Comfortably EvilDo you think Darth Vader’s suit is comfortable? It’s not really designed for comfort. It’s designed more for intimidating his foes and lightsaber combat”snuggability wasn’t really a factor when deciding his outfit. Of course, that’s exactly the opposite when you’re trying to decide on an outfit for your little Sith-in-training.Your little Sith needs to maintain an ultra-cozy style for some of those cuddle session you have with him (in between his lightsaber training and his classes in the dark side of the Force. The good news is that The Empire designed the perfect outfit for your young little Star Wars fan.

Product Details
This officially licensed Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Plush Costume is an infant and toddler-sized costume that recreates the look from the movies. The costume comes with a soft, fleece jumpsuit that fits with fasteners in the back. The front of the suit has embroidered details The included cape attaches to the back, near the shoulders. It even features fasteners in the legs and crotch, perfect for quick and easy diaper changes. The headpiece fits like a hood and helps your child slip into the role of the Sith Lord. Finally, a pair of soft booties fit on your child’s feet to finish off the look in true Sith style! Once you have your little one dressed up in this adorable outfit, you’ll be ready to serve the little Dark Lord of the Empire! Galactic Domination or Snuggle TimeYour little one will be on the path to galactic domination when he wears this officially licensed Star Wars costume! You can send your toddler on missions to keep order in the galaxy… or you can just snuggle with him on the couch as you watch a few of your favorite Star Wars moveis!

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Black & Gray & Red

Material: Polyester


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Star Wars Darth Vader Plush Deluxe Costume