Spinosaurus Toddler Costume

Smooth SailingThere are so many amazing dinosaurs out there! It can be hard for any kid to pick their favorite, but the Spinosaurus has something that the other dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period. That spiny sail on their back really makes them stand out from all of the other dinos, and it’s something our designers wanted to get just right when they crafted this Spinosaurus Costume for toddlers! This Made By Us design combines a lot of realistic details into a comfortable costume for your child, and it will definitely turn your little one into a Spinosaurus fan for life!

Design & Details
When it comes to dino costumes, we really want to create the best costume experience possible! That’s why this costume jumpsuit has some high-quality details, like the intricate, scaly pattern all over the exterior and the attached foam crest along the back. The jumpsuit also fits with a zipper, making it easy to wear. The sleeves have attached mitts that can be worn on or off the hands, just in case your little dino needs their hands for snacking! The hood has an equally detailed pattern all over it, and is made out of a foam material and fits with a fastener in the back. Finally, the shoe covers are designed to fit over your child’s shoes, so they can wear their favorite pair of shoes with this dino outfit!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18MO

Color: As Shown

Material: Polyester


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Spinosaurus Toddler Costume

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