Spinach Can Kid’s Costume

It’s All About Presentation What’s the first thought that pops into your head when you hear the word “spinach”? If it’s “Yuck! ” we don’t blame you. Spinach suffers from looking slimy and gross when it’s been cooked. What it needs is a really special makeover. Maybe if it was packaged in a cool container so that it looks fun and exciting instead of boring and wilty, people would like it much more! Maybe they would even dress up as spinach for a costume party. 

Product Details
Look garden fresh when you wear your exclusive Spinach Can Costume for Kids! The unisex outfit includes a cylindrical tunic that’s backed with foam to help it keep its shape. The shoulder straps are sewn to the back of the tunic and secure in the front with fasteners so that you can wear the tunic over your preferred lightweight outfit. The tunic is printed with colorful stripes as well as the word “Spinach” in block letters. Its front upper edge is decorated with green, foam-backed “leaves.” A Serious Sugar DeficiencyOne of the best things about this costume is that it might just be your ticket to scoring extra candy this Halloween! “Look at this amazing kid! ” your neighbors will think. “He’s clearly eating all of his cruciferous veggies and leafy greens. He definitely doesn’t need any more iron or calcium in his diet. What he does need is lots of sour gummy worms and those chocolate bars with the caramel centers! He’s got to reach his sugar intake needs!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Green & Red & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Spinach Can Kid’s Costume

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