Spike the Dino Costume for a Toddler

A prehistoric predatorWe know exactly what’s up. Your kiddo is just itching to get into the dinosaur fun. Sure, they’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dinosaur fandom. Because there are years of learning ahead of them! Books, tv shows, and movies will help them get very educated on prehistoric creatures. But once they’ve seen a dinosaur roar they’re gonna be ready to stomp around just like them. So, let us introduce you to one of the coolest ones. Spike! Spike the Dino is not quite the fierce type, in fact, he’s actually a lot more fun! He’s even great for a hug and a snuggle, too, so we think you won’t mind him making an appearance in your home. And all you gotta do is suit up your tot in this Toddler Spike the Dino costume. And they’ll be one cute dinosaur, ready for a ton of fun!

Product Details
This simple tunic costume is sleeveless, it has a wide opening at the bottom for the legs to swing free. It has a plush dino tail attached in the back, and a flip-up hood, too! Plush dinosaur spikes line the back from the top of the hood all the way to the tip of the tail, so that your kiddo can be their best dinosaur.An epic sagaWe’ve been thinking about it a bit, and we think it’s time to start a dinosaur saga right in your own home. You can narrate and direct the story, of course, just make sure your kid is the star! They’ll really shine in this Spike the Dino costume. The first step is roaring and be a mighty dinosaur, and with a little practice, you’ll have a Dino star on your hands!

Brand: Princess Paradise

Gender: Male

Size: 18MO

Color: Green & Blue

Material: Polyester


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Spike the Dino Costume for a Toddler

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