Soft Green Dragon Backpack

Flying, Flaming FriendDogs might be man’s best friend, but who hasn’t secretly wished that they could have a slightly scalier being to call their personal pet? No matter how many eggs we find in random nests in the woods, they never seem to hatch into dragons. It was a stroke of unbelievable luck to find this little guy! He not only looks amazing, but he’s so friendly that he loves to ride along with you wherever you go. Plus, he’s never once burned any of your belongings to a crisp. A win-win!

Product Details
Who says that dragons don’t exist? This Plush Green Dragon Backpack suggests otherwise! Made of green-toned velour with fiberfill stuffing, the bag is shaped like a rampant dragon. Its mouth is open in a smile or a roar, and its wings lie flat across its shoulders. A zippered enclosure in its back holds your belongings while the length-adjustable shoulder straps keep it secure. Dragon Tales There’s nothing mythical about how awesome this bag is! If you wish that real life would hold a little more magic, then we think you and this backpack are going to get along great.  

Brand: Comeco

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Green

Material: Polyblend


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Soft Green Dragon Backpack

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