S’Mores Child Costume

Ooey-Gooey Fun! There are people who like s’mores, and then there are people who like s’mores. Some people are content to have s’mores a few times during the summer, whenever they happen to have a bonfire and have supplies on hand. Maybe they like s’mores flavored ice cream or coffee. Maybe once in a while, they get really crazy and substitute a peanut butter cup for the chocolate slab or add sliced fruit or something.These fools! They have no idea what it’s really like to love s’mores like you do! You love s’mores so much, you have a s’mores themed bedroom, with chocolate sheets, graham-cracker-colored pillow cases and a white comforter as fluffy as the fluffiest marshmallow. You have s’mores shaped jewelry and s’mores art proudly hanging on your walls, drawn and signed by world renowned s’mores artists. You travel far and wide to harvest the best, fluffiest marshmallows, and you wait until your graham cracker trees are just perfectly ripe before harvesting the precious crackers. You eat, breath and live s’mores, and now you can dress up like them, too!

Product Details
You and your friends will look good enough to eat with this Child S’Mores Costume. The costume is actually a three-in-one deal! Each costume is a pullover tunic and made from 100 percent polyester and polyurethane foam. There’s one marshmallow, one graham cracker and one chocolate tunic. Each tunic has arm holes so you can actually eat real s’mores while looking like one-third of one yourself! The Tastiest CostumeYou will guaranteed to have the most delicious costume at your next party with this Child S’mores Costume! The only challenge will be deciding who gets to be the best part (obviously the marshmallow) and who has to be the dumb ol’ graham cracker. We’ll leave that tough decision to you!

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Brown & White

Material: Polyester Foam


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S’Mores Child Costume

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