Silver Sparkle 21 Tiara

As little tykes, we were told by our elders that princesses wore pink, purple, and white. Maybe a light blue if they really wanted to push the envelope, but that drew hushed gasps and whispers from gossipy onlookers. When we were looking at princesses in historical portraits, they all seemed to prefer much darker colors. They liked jewel tones, lush velvet, and heavy brocade. Also, this isn’t very related, there were some seriously strange hair styles. The point is, when we’re dressing up as royalty, we don’t have to stick with the images we were served when we were kids. We can revel in the glamorous fabrics, the dashing sillouhettes, and even darker accessories! The thing is, while we’re free to do that, we don’t need or want to. There’s just no need when the perfect, sparkly white tiara is lying in wait for us. Just look at this Silver 21 Sparkle Tiara, a lovely little metal tiara featuring a sparkly glitter front and attached plastic combs. You can slip this crown onto your head and feel like you’re straight out of an early-2000s paparazzi shot. There’s a lot to like about this, we know. When you’re out and about, celebrating your 21st birthday, take a shot for us, the smart, sophisticated folks who knew just what you needed to make your big day the perfect big day.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: One-Size

Color: Gray

Material: Metal


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Silver Sparkle 21 Tiara